Nearly a week ago now, my dearest Husband only went and got his dream job in Sicily. I know what you’re all thinking “wow, that’s amazing” and you know what, I completely agree.


Being the normal, (this is still open for debate), female that I am, my brain went into overdrive, it’s not just about the move to a beautiful country, it’s taking my children out of school, it’s buying one way flights. It’s putting the children in a new, non English speaking school, learn Italian (above and beyond the dodgy English sounding Graaaazzzziiiee) selling my perfect car, leaving my 21 year old son and step-son behind, saying goodbye to family, friends.

The aforementioned Husband actually had the cheek to say “why on earth are you so stressed?”

Before I go too far, my gorgeous Dave sounds much more Penis like than in reality he is, so please, should you ever meet him in the street, he is a brilliant husband and let’s face it, chasing his dream of a better life for his family shows what sort of a man he really is. But, I will probably portray him badly over the coming period of time. Sorry Dave.

My first instinct faced with this new development was to 1) turn to my best friend Google and 2) Stalk everyone in Facebook groups, relating to Dave’s new job and in the area we will be living. I even made “Friends” with a lovely chap called Roberto. Don’t get me wrong he only wanted to rent me a house but Roberto and I shall be the best of friends. I just need to tell him.

Google proved to be useless, it only tells me lots of things I don’t want to hear. Lady Google let me down for the first time ever. I don’t want to know what people did during their move in 2007, That’s years away, I’ve had two children since then and that seems like a lifetime ago.

Anyway, thanks to the above issues with Google, and the new found craze for blogging, I thought I’d start to share this journey with you all. I’m quite positive that it’ll just me ranting to myself, Dave and any other poor sucker who I force this upon.

I have no idea what I’m doing here or with the move so this could be interesting.



Photo byย Arianna Scapinelliย onย Unsplash



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