It seems that life is now dominated by our big move to Sicily in just over three weeks and if the “to do list” is anything to go by, we’ve got a lot to do in this time. Not to mention the family and friends we need to visit.

However, yesterday saw a big achievement, we, well I, booked the hotel we shall stay in for the first week after we arrive. We haven’t worked out how we get there yet but that’ll work itself out.

You have to understand, I love holidays to the point I walked into work one day and told everyone that I was born to always be on holiday. I also love upgrades and can’t go away unless at least once during my trip I feel that an I’m getting true value for money. So, taking all this into consideration, to be told by my dearest Dave that as we’re moving to a foreign island and that I need to be on a budget when choosing a hotel, panic quickly sets in.

I’m now faced with shared bathrooms, toilet roll not folded and a bedroom shared with the children.

Automatically, I’m drawn to the apartments slightly over the budget, each time I’m reigned back in by he who shall not be named. It just can’t be done I exclaim on more than one occasion.

Despite what I posted in my last blog, I can only imagine that Dave is now in receipt of much sympathy, having to put up with my superficial needs. My losing sight of the bigger picture. I should point out while I Humph around, he has continued to play Fifa or whatever cartoon he needs to manage.

I have a tick list that needs to suit a number of needs, not just mine but the Husbands and then there’s the raptors, (more commonly known as Benjamin and Harry). So we need it to be near to the Beach, near to local amenities, parks etc. Close to new work, On a good bus route. Have separate facilities, a kitchenette, a front door. Sound proofing. Close to the airport. Blah de blah blah. You get the picture.

Any way it’s done. Tick number 1.

During all my research, I’ve figured one thing, the beauty of Sicily. The Architecture. Each building is individual and undoubtedly has its own story to tell. It’s just adding to my excitement and the realisation that Mr Fifa and I are going to make a fabulous team throughout all of this. Provided he lets me have my separate toilet.

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