As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted anything for a few days. There’s just been nothing to say. I didn’t want to bore you silly with my ramblings. Yes I know I’m doing that now but it could have been much worse.

To update since I last wrote, we decided to book a villa for a month from day 1 thus giving us some stability, we decided we would cancel the initial hotel that was booked. We decided to keep the hotel booking, we then decided we wouldn’t book a villa for a month. You get the picture.

Roberto has proven himself unreliable as my new best friend so I’ve had to move on. I now have Roberto 2 (I kid you not) and we’ve established a daily email routine. He keeps saying that I need to send him documents if I want to rent what is now our new home but I know he values our friendship. As long as Dave pays the rent.

Putting the friendship issues aside, we are becoming more accustomed to what will be our new life. Having found Roberto 2, we’ve been able to secure the Apartment we shall live in without even putting a foot in Sicily. Risky I know but thanks to the power of Facebook and recommendations, we were able to pin down the town we wanted to live in. From there it became fairly straight forward.

I can’t see Mount Etna from any of the Windows in our new place which is a very good thing. It seems that a view from your bed of an erupting volcano is the perfect selling point. I don’t know about you but it’s not up there on my top 5 things to watch from bed. “oh look dear, the hot flowing lava is coming straight for us, how delightful to watch”

I’ve located two local shopping malls on Google maps, and a delightful looking establishment near the railway bridge where I can order a meal, have a drink, pay my bills and get a pay as you go top up phone. Pure madness but it looked a delightful place. I think I’ll make sure I have a phone before I go in if I’m honest.

Dave is still reading up on the tax requirements etc. I don’t think I help by simply suggesting he not worry until he has started the job. That way there may even be someone in the same situation.

Raptor 1 and Raptor 2 are proving themselves as helpful as a Chocolate teapot. I do need to make sure that I check their suitcases for either of the Guinea pigs or the Fish. You wait, I bet we get stopped at airport Security and have two fish held aloft by some burly 70-year-old woman in a High viz vest and with the personality of a Piranha.

We’ve still not booked the flights over. There’s no rush so I’ve been reliably informed. Lets face it, we’ve always got Guinea pigs we could ride over on.

It’s all going well basically and we’ve started with the Goodbyes. I’m not sure I will be doing them on a School night after many shots of Sambuca again but that’s another lesson learnt. And it helped me express my affection and gratitude to my current work colleagues. All of whom know me well enough and each responded with “Are you drunk Wayne?” (My nickname at work is Wayne, don’t ask me how or why but I think Lee just wasn’t girly enough)

Any way, thanks for reading and please like and share my blogs. I started this to help any others that may have to deal with such madness.





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