When we first mentioned that we were moving to Sicily, you’ll clearly remember that Dave and I were nervous and excited all at the same time. Now although we’re mainly excited, the same question keeps popping up…. How much?

If you know Dave Large, you’ll know that generally mixed among that question are one or two profanities.

Following the asking of “the question”, is my attempting feebly to justify why we need a Gucci to help us move or how a pair of Louboutin are most definitely the perfect shoes to move with. Unfortunately Mr Large isn’t falling for it.

So, immediately we have to pay for flights, car hire, hotel (Only for one night now), rental deposit, 1 month rent, 2 Single beds, Mario’s delivery of beds, Internet set up fee, Utilities set up fees, Handbag, mascara, Raptor feed.

It’s never-ending.

On the plus side, the fact that I have to pay all these costs means 1) I’ve found Mario to deliver 2 beds and he’s not a plumber. 2) I’ve arranged the set up of Internet & utilities 3) we have an apartment to put beds and utilities in. 4) You can get by without understanding Italian completely.

Dave “the tax expert” Large is still reading about tax, although now he’s actually contacted accountants. Again We’re getting by but “How effffing much do they charge?”

We’re on the 17 day mark, 12 work & School days left. 12, just 12 until I can permanently retire. Apparently this is another sticking point with Dave and me. My permanently does not meet his expectations. According to his nibs I shall be going back to work. We will be discussing this further however the fact he’s now sending me jobs is clear indication I need to try harder on my persuasiveness.

Roberto update:

Roberto 2 is much more helpful than Roberto 1. I can’t believe I ever wanted to be his bestie. R2 gets me. So as an example, R1 will not leave me alone. I’m getting constant messages now about suitable apartments, he even had the cheek to ask me to accompany him on a visit to one with an “Olympic Size” swimming pool. Jees get over it already.

There’s not much else happening at the moment. The Raptors are being fairly calm about it all. Baby Raptor is happier that he is likely to be with Medium Raptor in School again. We’ve got a Garden with mud at the new place which means lots of mess. Not so good as a hunting/chaos den but needs must.

It’s all coming together nicely. Don’t ask me about the Tax issue though. I have no idea what the heck is happening there. I seem to get a grunt when I question it which is a progression from the sigh I guess.

Ciao for now my peeps.

Share, like and all that malarkey. I like the fact that I have a readers in Hungary and Spain. It’s probably a dodgy IP address but hey ho. If anyone reading this wants to be my friend I’m open to that to. Especially if you’re called Roberto as I seem to be amassing a collection. (What is a collection of Roberto’s called?)


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