Do I sound excited? me? I think you’re mistaken… NOT…..

So I’m excited that I’m moving with my boys and my fabulous (let’s face it girls, we need to fluff their egos’ sometimes, especially when they’re letting you retire and move to another country) Husband. I’m excited that I can finally have some quality time with my boys where I’m not rushing them to school, rushing them to Swimming and so forth.

Leaving my crazy friends at work though is not exciting. They’re mad, every last one of them. We’re a very unique team and I use that word very carefully. Outsiders may not think so but unique is what we are.

Leaving parties are coming together nicely. And by that I mean that everyone has told me where they don’t like and I’m left to choose which person I fancy disappointing the most. All I do know is that at some point we’ll be playing Ping pong and deciding on a strip club. Chicken nuggets will be in there at some point also. What they’ll be in I’m not daring to ask. It sounds like a good night.

It’s all a bit real. I’m leaving. I’ve got too much work to be leaving in 10 days. Did I mention I feel sick? I don’t think I did, it’s OK though. It’s just going to be OK. No Panic. Don’t panic. I will not be sick.

As to our new life, leases have been signed on the new place, Internet is planned in and ready for when we arrive. Car hire is still a topic of discussion and hopefully either Russ or R2 will come through for me.

Another big milestone, we’ve actually booked the flights. We’re going and that’s all there is to it. Even if we come back the following day, we’ll be flying out on the 30th September. I love flying so for me this isn’t a problem. Poor Dave on the other hand has not got enough fingernails to chew them all down. We might need to stay at least a couple of weeks for some to grow back.

Baby Raptor is finally realising the enormity of the move. Although the question this morning of “Are we actually staying all night and all day” gives me some concern when he realises they’ll be lots of nights and days that we’re there for. Unless of course the paragraph above is truer than we think.

Dave is still on Tax. It’s OK though I’ve been reassured that he’s done lots of other things. I do appreciate him signing all the forms I send him in the wrong place. I know what an effort it is.

My eldest is also proving to be a great help, he’s staying behind to keep things in check and make sure that all is well with the world and the menagerie of animals that I want to come back to next year. He’s helping redecorate too. For example, did you know that when you lean on a radiator it falls off the wall and you have an indoor water fountain. The best of it is, this new decorative feature gives you a natural waterfall in the kitchen flowing freely from the ceiling. I didn’t panic then did I chap. There was no screaming coming from my mouth at all. 🙂 (Love you Kieran)

14 days left in good ol Blighty. Looking at the weather outside I can’t say I’m not going to be glad to bask in 30 degree temperatures.

OMG. It’s really happening.

Anyway, I best get cooking dinner. 2 Raptors, 1 internal decorator and a Tax expert need feeding.

Don’t Panic, it’s all under control.


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