I feel I really should write down my thoughts ahead of writing these blogs. So much of our life is consumed by Sicily now that it’s all become a jumble. No wonder I can’t remember any of the Italian I’m learning.

We have a new focus now though. CARS. Should we take our car? do we rent one there while we decide or should we outright buy a nifty little island beater for the duration of our stay. Two of those options will cause my Louboutin fund to be seriously depleted while the third will simply eat into it a little bit.

Dave has finally moved away from his developing specialist subject of tax to cars and started contacting transport companies with a view to having my little Mini Moo delivered to us. We haven’t got enough time to drive her down so this is our only option.

We’ve had one offer to have her “Prank ported wit my truck”. I believe this could have been a failure with Google translate however I must remember to Google it in case I’m missing out on some new and ingenious transportation method.

Should we have her prank ported then we’re left with having to register her in Italy and the Insurance implications. Having looked at old cars for sale near us, we know that she’s going to take a complete and utter beating soon after moving to Sicily. Much more of a beating than I’ve given to her since passing my test.

At least having her down there would mean that more of our possessions could be stuffed inside her and save us some money in the mean time. Dave is currently mulling over his options whilst playing Fifa or Rocket league. It’s a tough decision he has to make so I don’t mind. Would you want to leave your significant other without suitable moving shoes?

In an attempt to mix with other British Expats in Sicily and share experiences, Dave and I have created our own special Facebook group, British Expats in Sicily.


So far, there appears to be 5 British people living in Sicily. Well three if you take into consideration that Dave and I aren’t actually there for another 13 days. There has to be more British in Sicily surely. I can’t believe they’re all tucked up in Benidorm.

In an attempt to keep the Raptors involved and excited, I’ve been telling them how many days are left before we move to Italy. They correct me and point out that we’re moving to Sicily and not Italy.

Harry is excited that we’re moving to a hotel. It’s quite cute but Apartments confuse him. Then again so does the word Cucumber.

Benji remains very level-headed and matter of fact about the whole thing. Showing him pictures of erupting Volcanoes is probably not the right way to go though.

Kieran hasn’t demolished any more fixtures in the house, so hopefully he’s happy with my design features and water running solely out of the tap and not the ceilings.

Well I shall bid you farewell now. I’m trying desperately to catch up with Game of thrones. I’m on Season 4 and having limited time left to catch up.

Ciao for now.





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