Eight days, Eight little days. That’s how many days are left until we go to start our new life.

The anxiety levels are creeping up, the Louboutin fund has raced down to the point I think I need to evaluate what shoes I should move in. (I see another blog coming up)

We’re at a bit of a standstill for now. Dave has more forms to sign in the wrong place but due to technical issues, he can’t even scan them. I was pretty sure we are moving due to his skill and abilities with all things Technical. It appears that this is a selective skill.

I have a heap of laundry that I need to get to, trouble is everyone insists on wearing clothes every day. Come the weekend I’m going to have to start hiding their stuff. Thankfully I have so many Bags for life that I’m sure I can craft a few outfits out of them.

My first-born now has secured himself a pretty decent job. so he’s all sorted whilst I’m gone. You’ll be surprised to learn that it’s not re-modelling houses or Plumbing. He’s already planning how to spend his wages after “saving” for a few months. I can guarantee this picture is going to look very different in a couple of months. Del Boy Poolman will be wheeling and dealing with a string of Rulex up his arm and some Gucgi shoes on his feet.

The Raptors have settled to the idea that we’re going on a plane in a week or so which is proving somewhat exciting to them. I’ve decided that for a while we’ll go along with the idea that it is a holiday. Hopefully that way, by the time they’ve realised we can stay in our hotel for as long as we want it’ll all seem normal. And maybe I can string out my retirement that little bit longer.

Baby Raptor is refusing to go to school. According to him “you’ll take me to school and I’ll never see you again and I’ll have to sleep there” clearly somewhere along the line he’s been informed about Boarding Schools. It’s trouble enough as it is to get my shy little boy to go into new situations without random people filling his head with things. You’ll probably find that I’ve threatened this once in a fit of Mummy outrage.

Middle Raptor is keen to go exploring. He wants to go find living creatures and find out what they are. I’m happy to do this however am already somewhat aware of what small (and I use that word lightly) 8 legged creatures there are so I can’t say as I’m keen on this plan. For now, I shall not be the one to discourage him. And let’s face it I can take my pretty pink Spider catcher recently purchased from Amazon.

Leaving do’s continue however the alcohol content has lessened somewhat from the initial one with no Sambuca in sight. Soon comes the goodbyes to the family. The easy bit!!! 😉 Stop stressing family reading this, you know we love you.

I can’t believe how quick this is all going. I’m sure we’ll all be bouncing around like Tigger come the middle of next week. For now we continue to tick items off lists, ponder which Teabags to take and which electrical items we can live without. You can guarantee that we’ll be forgetting those plug adaptors or Dave’s pants. I can’t remember everything. Normally it’s the pants that lose out on a trip.

Well best dash, need to crack on.



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