My new favorite saying, “This time next week…” I would imagine it’s getting really annoying now but hey ho. Being female I have excelled at this and fully intend to make my skill widely known.

In all fairness, every conversation I have revolves around our move. It’s rather exciting and as the number of days remaining in the UK grow less, the more eager we become.

This time next week we’ll be in the Sicilian sunshine. Well that’s the plan. Wherever Mr Large and go on our travels, you can guarantee that the rain will follow. We went to Florida last year at the start of the Hurricane season. There were even Tornado warnings.

I’m hoping that the weather gods will spare the Sicilians this time though, I mean we are moving there. This isn’t a two-week vacation. I’ve been doing some anti-rain dances that look like I’ve got all sorts running through my underwear. Whatever it takes.

We have boxes out of the loft now. I think 6 days is enough time to pack a few bits? I don’t like doing things too soon as you’ll only need to unpack again to make sure that you have everything. At some point I really need to do that pile of ironing and finish the laundry.

Operation bags for clothes has begun in earnest. The pants have been already placed in the suitcase to ensure they are loaded onto the plane with their owner. I had a gentle reminder after my last post not to “forget my bloody pants”. I think he’s serious and didn’t like the tone of his voice.

Baby Raptor has now decided that the move to Sicily, as it’s only 6 days away is “awesome, awesome, awesome”. Sounds like he’s coming round to the idea anyway. I’m sure when he realises that we have to go on a motorway to get the airport his cheery disposition will diminish and he’ll never leave the hotel apartment ever!

Benji Raptor is loving that we’ll be living in a place where his dietary requirements are not compromised in any way. Cheesy Pasta and Cheesy Pizza. That’s all we need and he’s a happy boy. He’s still intent on making me look for the largest mini beast that he can.

Dave has said that he wants us to get outdoors much more while we live in Sicily. To do things as a family and not fall into the old routine of siting watching TV. He soon changed his tune when I asked him whether he realised this meant we would have communicate with each other. Needless to say he’s rethought the whole plan and the TV and X-box are to follow.

Tomorrow marks the start of our last week at work and school. We can handle this though. So far I have one two-hour lunch booked in. Dave also has long lunches planned and much alcohol. Do you realise how hard it is to co-ordinate leaving do’s. Seriously it’s ridiculous. I’ve been told I’ve already had too many and am not leaving his nibs many options.

I’ve not text or messaged or seen nearly as many people as I would have liked. The list is endless, however just a few:

Ade, Daph and Don – I will miss you all terribly.
Terri and Steve – Love you, see you soon.
Claire and Lee – Hopefully we’ll get together soon – P.s Good luck rowing the Atlantic buddy. I can’t wait to watch your progress. (People, you have to read about Lee’s next adventure, It’s pretty incredible.) Lee Spencer – The rowing machine
Jane, Tony, Cathy A, Tim – Fancy a trip to Sicily to learn Poker? I’ll warm the Jagermeister
Kathy – Make your next cycling expedition across Sicily.
Sue J – One day we’ll meet up.
Tom Hardy – Don’t worry I’m only in Sicily. May be best if you come to me now. (Dave works between the hours of 7.45 and 16.45….)

If I’ve missed you off the list, please don’t think badly of me. If it wasn’t for the fact he’s sat in front of me playing Xbox I’d forget my own husband. Well his pants at least.

Well dinner is once again calling me, I say calling me, what I really mean is the Smoke alarm has gone off to warn me that my cooking is ready.

Ciao for now my peeps.


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