My last working Monday in a while. It’s gone in a flash thanks to 1 leaving lunch. (Thanks Martin). Lots to do, people to see, contracts to put in place. There’s never enough time.

It’s really here. There are no more weeks left, we’re into days left. No more weekends to remember the pants. It has to be done now. Dr’s appointments to cram in. Grocery shopping to do for my first born to ensure he doesn’t starve, and for those of you that know Kieran you’ll know that this is a real possibility should there be no crisps or cheese in the house.

Baby Raptor has posed a rather interesting question and it’s thrown us all into a quandary – How do you laugh in Italian? OMG, I knew I was missing something whilst practicing my Italian with Memrise and Duolingo.

Talking of which, seriously, should you want to learn a new language before your next holibob you should try these out. Both have proved themselves invaluable.



That’s enough plugging anyway. (Sorry)

I’ve still not caught up on Game of Thrones. How many episodes are there? I’m only on episode three of Series 5, It’s never going to happen. I have people at work biting their tongues daily in an attempt not to spoil anything for me that BBC radio one hasn’t already.

Dave’s forgotten about the tax issue for now – now it’s Car insurance and shipping our car out. I think I mentioned this previously and although we’ve confirmed Mini Moo is going on holiday, we haven’t been able to decide whether she’ll get a nice new Italian number plate. Something I don’t think we have to do for a little while if we can prove we won’t be there permanently.

I’m fully planning on driving her down a few steps in an attempt to re-create The Italian job. Lets face it with my driving this is highly likely so we’ll just go along with it being planned. I’ve heard that I need to be rather a forceful driver. They’ve got to be kidding. I can’t even be forceful with the lid of a Jam Jar let alone seasoned Italian drivers.

Talking about car insurance, it appears that most insurance companies are geared up for people moving to Spain. I’m pretty sure they move to Italy also. Us Brits seem to get everywhere these days.

The weather it seems is playing up in Catania, just as I said it would. Flights were diverted away from the airport yesterday due to the horrendous thunder storms. I feel I need to send an apology letter ahead of us.

Chaos is tiring me out. I’ve even just had to give Largey an elbow to the arm. I told him it was an accident. Whether it was or not is besides the point. Other than a quick profanity out of his normally clean Cockney mouth, he’s shut up. Job done!

He’s faffing with international payments now. Apparently my IBAN is not valid. Rude man!!!!

I have no idea what I’m doing. What with IBANs, swift Bics and SEPAs. I’m sending a pigeon with some silver coins. It’s going to be the quickest option. Then maybe my dickey IBAN will sort itself out.

Anyway Pumpkin hour is fast approaching and I need to re-fuel. Wine did not help other than anger my pounding head.

Ciao for now my peeps. I need to go an swear to Largey a bit more.


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