I’m typing this on my way to the airport. This of course means that give it half an hour and I’ll be in a lay-by viewing my Double Sausage and Egg McMuffin again.

Last night was my leaving do with work, I managed to be home by 11pm and only managed to lose 5 litres of water that had leaked out of my eye sockets.

Today already feels like a very long day and trust me after tomorrow I will be having a jolly good sit down. Which reminds me, I forgot to pack the tea bags.

Although my limp has somewhat subsided, I am still plastered on my left arm. I can guarantee by the end of today someone will want to know what it is I’ve got strapped to my arm. As long as they only ask I’ll be fine but if someone feels the need to waive rubber gloves at me and take a scoop of KY, this move is off!

We still haven’t booked a car at the other end. Dave can’t decide and therefore I’ve been asked to embrace my impulsive side. Let’s just see what happens when we get there. I can tell you what will happen. We’ll end up spending more on something that looks like it was in the Beverly Hillbillies.

Harry is still excited that we’re going on holiday. Bless his little cotton socks, he’s going to be so disappointed soon. That said he’s asked if he’s going to school tomorrow. I’m not sure if he thinks we’ve packed 4 cases and run around shouting a lot just for a 24 hour break and he’ll be back at school Monday or whether he genuinely realises whats happening but because it’s meant to be sunny means we’re on holiday.

Oh crickey now we’re sat in traffic. I can’t do traffic. What I could do with is a little sleepy bo nap or even still a fry up and a pint of Coke.

Not long now, we’re currently on the M25. Both the Raptors are asleep. Dave has smiled. And the vehicle is deathly silent other than an annoying cough the driver has. What’s the betting we get that in 24 hours.

Oo it’s our turn off so I shall bid thee arrivederci for the time being. Catch you in Sicily.



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