We are finally here, we’ve taken possession of our new apartment. Boy how busy have we been though.

After landing we spent 20 minutes trying to decide Taxi or hire car? You see my special Mr Large hadn’t managed to book one before we took off hence the quandary we found ourselves in.

It’s ok though because we found a nice taxi driver in the end to take us on the longest and most expensive 25 minute taxi ride ever.

I pointed out to him that this was going to make the blog!!!!

We got to the hotel about 9.30pm ready for a jolly good kip. Trouble is my little Raptors needing feeding. I’m sorry to say that I fed them coke (liquid form) and crisps.

This morning we woke fairly early, or I did meaning everyone else had to. We had a breakfast of cheese and empty Croissants then off we went to sweat like a camels arse and meet Roberto 2 finally and his Pappa to get our keys.

Dave is convinced that Pappa Roberto looked like Robert Di Nero so he’s clearly had sun stroke at this point and was hallucinating.

The apartment exceeds our expectations and I’m so happy with it. Dave has already started carving out his butt groove in the sofa and the boys have discovered that the place echoes.

We’ve had a trip back to the airport to collect our hybrid vehicle that twice now I’ve left running after I’ve got out because I can’t hear the damn thing.

The kids have done nothing but moan they’re hungry. Dave has just moaned that I’m tutting an awful lot and we’ve discovered that my driving style suits the Sicilian way. It took 10 minutes for Dave to get enough breath back into his body to function.

We’ve managed to last 12 hours without a TV although if it wasn’t for Dave pointing out we have no internet I would have had one here now.

We’ve found the local shopping centre along with everyone else on the Island. It is clearly the place to go at 4pm on a Sunday. The Polizia like hanging out there too.

Ikea Catania is something else and not somewhere I want to go back to in a hurry. People even take their dogs because let’s face it every dog loves to go to Ikea on a hot Sunday afternoon. Clearly as much as the men that have been took along to hold said rat on a lead or fancy handbag.

Our first meal had been cooked without the aid of a smoke detector. The boys loved their undercooked Pasta as much as Hubster loved his overcooked Ravioli.

6 Centipedes have been kicked out along with one very dead Cockroach.

We have to be up early tomorrow to take Pappa D to his first day at work. I don’t think he’s to nervous but that’s probably because he knows if he gets there it means he’s survived my driving.

Well I best get washing up. Turns out this retired lark isn’t the holiday I had originally envisaged and the expectations have been clearly outlined.

Ciao for now peeps.

See you tomorrow.

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