As you’re all aware, I have entitled my blog A Large Move to Sicily because my family and I have recently relocated to Sicily. Whilst in bed last night communicating (it’s not quite 7 days yet if you know what I mean) with Dave we came up with an interesting idea.

Moving forward Dave and I are going to take it in turns to write this blog. This way you get to have a “His and Hers” perspective of our move. We’ll disagree a lot probably but please rest assured mine will be right.

I have to admit I did get very excited. (Still not 7 days, calm down!) You see as much as I know I’m hilarious, Dave has a tendency to be as funny as Kieran Poolman on an ice skating rink which let me tell you is very funny. (Imagine a donkey on an ice rink with each leg flailing in different directions).

I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard enough of me now so I shall be letting His Largeness take control of the next blog and see what he can come up with. Apparently he’s already been thinking of ideas and writing notes.

Ciao for now peeps and over to you Dave. Well when he’s home.


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