I realise that I’ve not posted in a while however this was mainly due to some helpful advice I received by my harshest critic. The husband. We felt that too much and you’d all get bored.

As a result I’ve got so much useless drivel to spew now that you’ll be bored anyway. πŸ˜‰

So what’s new….

Dave is still working after official officials were taken hostage by my favourite crazy Polish friend, (please note this did not happen but is given as an insight to the hilarious conversations with said crazy Polish friend) and all documentation was received well within the deadline.

He’s enjoying all the wine tasting that seems to be a compulsory part to the job.

I have still got the Raptors home. Various information is needed from the UK before I can even contemplate beginning the procedure. I’m trying my hardest you keep their brains working but fear my supply of patience is dwindling ever faster. Good thing is I’m getting the steps in as I go from child to child to give them the answers to questions on their tests.

Supermarkets are much easier and I’m even talking to people. I do think that I’m not actually understanding what they’re saying but more confident in bullshitting my way through my response. So far so good.

The Raptors e mi Marito have started having Windsurf lessons. My bladder has decided it can’t take the hilarity of watching Dave Large try his hardest to figure out why at 44 his balance has followed Elvis and left the building. We went with some of Dave’s work colleagues and even some of the youngsters waved goodbye to their dignity. One was even told by a Chinese wandering medicine man that death was nigh. We’re not sure what he actually said but we worked out, through all the unwanted prodding, that it was bad…. very bad…..

I’ve made friends with a stray dog now affectionately called Baxter. Just as I was about to move Bax indoors discreetly he found himself a floozy fertile girlfriend and some fleas. One day he will be here. One day…. We just need him to get rid of the gobby bitch that’s following him everywhere. Ok, I’ve read this back and realise this sounds harsh and that I couldn’t adopt two dogs, let me just explain that whilst Baxter is one of the friendliest Dogs I’ve ever met. She isn’t. And really does love the sound of her voice and showing off her nice teeth.

Anyway we’ve been here a month now and although it’s been hard we love the experience and are so grateful we’ve been allowed to try this out.

We’ve been up Mount Etna to 2900m and got to stand on two of her craters. She’s a beast that’s for sure.

The sea is cold. Don’t be fooled by it’s clear welcoming waving. All dangly parts will retract to a safe and warm spot.

I still don’t have a Washing machine and whine about it daily to Dave. I’ve made some wonderful new friends who have all offered me to use their machines but thankfully I’m too stubborn to accept and need Dave to understand this is desperate.

We have had Mini moo safely delivered along with her contents and she’s enjoying the endless pot holes (some of which are deep enough to see Australia) and drivers approaching her at great speeds.

I think that’s about it for now.

Love to you all.

Ciao peeps.


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