So, whilst in Sicily I thought it would be a good idea to try something I’ve never done before. Windsurfing and Paddle Boarding. Turns out I’m not a natural at either. Paddle Boarding looks easy, it’s just canoeing standing up. Who would have thought you need to have the core muscles of an Olympic Gymnast to do either of these sports. On the one occasion I managed to stay on the paddleboard for more than 5 seconds it seems turning the damn thing isn’t easy either. I almost ended up in Greece. Windsurfing was no better, by the end of the lesson I had mastered the art of climb on, fall off.

Lee has now got her car and driving round like a lunatic – My heart is no longer in its normal place. Whilst at a T junction I shouted to Lee “NO”. I wrongly thought this would stop Lee from pulling out of the junction in front of the oncoming car. But apparently NO was interpreted into “No – Go”. Silly me. Luckily the car turned left due to no cars in Sicily having an indicating facility.

We’ve taken a trip to Mount Etna – Google Maps decided to be extra helpful and take us through the smallest side streets in the world. Turns out the whole of Sicily was out for a picnic too. Eventually we make it to the Volcano. For about 5 seconds we contemplate doing a trek, but the hike to the ticket office made us realise we are not conditioned for this quite yet. The boys ask why the cable car makes strange noises on the way up. I put them at ease whilst all the while thinking we are not going to make it. We get to the top unscathed other than my hearts new found resting rate. We travel in a 4×4 mini bus to go even further up. Who would have thought being 2900 metres high that it would be so bloody cold! Luckily the boys were wrapped up warm in the force gale winds. I was almost wishing for an eruption just so I could warm up. The wind did its best to throw me off the side – but I managed to stay upright unlike the previous day’s windsurfing. To be honest I was a bit underwhelmed – cold, windy, cloudy, and all to see some smoke coming out of a chimney. I’m sure its looks fabulous when its erupting…

Whilst sitting in the park with the boys whilst Lee is in the Launderette, Living the Dream – I check out Facebook – Top of the notification list it tells me I’m near Platinum Lap Dancing Nightclub. Google states it needs help checking out this place. I obviously need to oblige. Drop boys off launderette and tell Lee I’ve got a new job with Google.

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