As our time in Sicily draws to a close, I thought it only right that I start to document this journey. I have a feeling it’s going to be one filled with lots of emotion. I’ll try to make it a funny one. Lets face it life in the Large household is never going to be dull.

In a little over three months, we’ll be back. Well, I say back, in 3 months we’ll actually be vacationing in Florida to help us deal with the grief of missing our new friends. It’s taking Mickey Mouse to get over you guys I hope you realise. (Should any of the aforementioned guys read this).

Firstly, an update on life. The boys are in school finally and I think they’re enjoying not having a clue what anyone around them is saying. Heck, I have to do it each day living with Dave “I’m a roight geeza now gimme ‘alf a rowst chicken” Large. They have a huge amount of homework that we have to translate and an appetite like a horse.

We had a slight incident recently which most of you have read about on Facebook. To cut a long story short and remind you all, Harry tripped over some fluff and headbutt the kerb at some force followed by small amounts of “claret” (Apparently this is blood if you’re from London and not a wine as I first thought) being deposited on the kerb and stairs. Much fuss later I have a new found love for crazy Sicilian ladies that suffer the trauma of calling themselves teachers to dozens of 6 year olds and their Aloe plants. That’s the teachers Aloe plants to clarify. There aren’t dozens of 6 year olds running around with Aloe plants tucked in their back packs.

Dave continues to work at the BBQ and Ice cream Factory and each day comes home with a headache and an ache is his back. Probably from having to carry around his ever-increasing pasta filled waistline. I still think Quadzilla looks mighty fine but he has some honest Italian working with him that assures him he’s getting fat. As a side note, I’m never going to work here, that kind of honesty is something us fat lasses with nice smiles can do without.

Me, I continue on my journey of self discovery also known as catching up on Dr. Phil, and any other crap TV I’m not allowed to watch in the company of any one else. I do housework but it’s usually a last-minute thing I have to do when Dave is coming home along with brushing my teeth and showering. Dave should you read this, I promise I do these first really!!!

This will be a good test to see if he does actually read this.

A bit about Sicily, It’s beautiful. Although we’ve not done as much as we would like we have explored a bit. From Sledging on a Snow covered active volcano, to visiting the Valley of the Temples. Played on the beach for 1/2 hour (this is as long as interest in sitting on a beach lasts) and walked around a couple of old Sicilian towns. Mainly the one we live in with its cobbled streets.

We’ve discovered lovely wine at 4EUR a bottle and decided we need to tighten the purse strings with this extravagance.

Baxter decided that he’d still like to live with us so hangs around on a daily basis. He enjoys the company of male dogs that like to hitch a ride on his head. Don’t ask as we certainly haven’t. All I know is each to their own. He seems happy.

I think that’s about it for now. I’ll try to blog a bit more as the count down to D-day looms ever closer. We’re not looking forward to it for a number of reasons. One being stuck in a Mini Cooper for 4 days with a crazy fat black dog that likes to bring his breakfast back the minute he gets in the boot. 2 Crazy children who despise being in each others company for anything more than 5 minutes.

Ciao for now my lovely peeps.



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