It’s finally happening. I mean I know I’ve said this before and to be perfectly honest I’ve been saying it every three months since we got here. Such is the craziness of the last few months.

We arrived on September 29th 2017, you’ll remember it as it’s the day I got to do an audible sigh and eye roll at the fact someone, (I don’t need to say who), didn’t book a hire car from the airport as requested resulting in using thousands of pounds (not literally) on a cab ride around the island of Sicily and back again just to get 20 mins from the airport. If you also remember we had to do it back the very next day just to actually pick up the hire car.

Ladies I know you’re with me and share my frustrations. Men, this is equal to having to walk round the mall dozens of time to buy the first pair of shoes seen. Yes that bad!!!

Any way moving on to the reason for this blog, we are going back to the UK and while the weather is good too I might add.

The tasks ahead of us are many, booked ferry travel, ship the suitcases back ahead of time (because they wont fit now I’ve got a new dog) not to mention the passport I need to get for my furry baby.

Not much really! (I feel sick)

I thought I would start writing a blog to document our return experience, my thoughts on Sicily. Likes & dislikes etc. and anything else that crops up. I shall also use this as a good reminder of all the things I need to do and undoubtedly remind Dave of all that I have done. Oh my goodness, that’s reminded me I need to get the kids in school again. See how useful this is proving.

The trip back will be worth reading about if I’m honest. Two clearly tired, sweaty and cranky adults, a 7 year old that gets bored after 2 minutes plus an 8-year-old that knows best oh and a dog that gets travel sick. All travelling non stop for a number of days, (we might be allowed to sleep occasionally so I’m told), in my trusty little mini. We should have a little amount of stuff from here too. I have no idea where it will go but go it will.

In theory it sounds fun and a brilliant experience. We’re travelling to the other side of Sicily to a place called Palermo where we’ll board a ferry (I hate ships) to Genoa. There we’ll travel up all through Northern Italy and France all the way to Calais. As required by my great husband, I have weighed up all options to ensure we are taking the cheapest route. I’ll be honest I’m bored now and have decided that the above option is much cheaper. Regardless. Don’t tell him will you. It’ll only lead to me reminding him of the Taxi.


Thanks to the UK Border and all that, part of the requirement to take Baxy into the UK, I need to give him a tablet, he has to cross the border within 5 days of him having it. Apparently it’s the norm and most people travelling back to the UK get a French vet near to Calais to do it. Apparently the Vets are used to it. Anyone reading this know what I’m talking about and recommend a vet? At the moment I’m leaning towards someone called Dr. Dandrifosse. Sounds like Candy floss so he must be OK.

I’m trying not to panic. Does it show. I don’t feel my normal funny cell has been engaged for this one. Just picture us travelling, that should make you laugh.

I waffling on now. It’s taken me a few hours to string this amount of craziness along. Many interruptions from Harry moaning that I’m not taking cars seriously. The dog has needed a pee only to run away from the door because it sounds funny. Benji has just hidden himself away preferring some alone time. He know’s what lies ahead.

Buggeration, the battery is giving up now. Blasted thing.

Best go.

Ciao my gorgeous peeps.


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