To say anxiety levels are increasing is an understatement. Did we have this coming out here? I seriously need to read my blogs from then.

There just seems so much that has to fall into place and my sanity levels are never the most stable of things. It’s too hot to drink too.

We can’t even decide on the route. The route I say. The ferry from Palermo to Genoa that’s been dismissed thanks to a large tariff of 600 EUR. I’m not sure they understood that I didn’t want to buy the blessed thing, I just wanted it to take me across the water a little way. And I think they would have shoved us in cargo with the chickens for that price. So now we’re taking a ferry (It’s all booked so we have to) from Catania to Salerno.

This ferry only costs 200 EUR and we get a “Superior outside cabin” basically we’re going on deck in a cardboard box, the superior just means they’ll give us a cushion to share.

I have no idea where Baxy goes. Apparently he gets his own accommodation. He’ll probably be in some swanky suite with his selection of doggy beverages and a doggy strippers bought to him when he demands.

Even the 2nd day is decided, what we can’t decide on is where we go from Northern Italy. Dave wants to see some gorge while the boys want to go to view Mont Blanc. I just want a bar!!

I’ve got wonderful ladies from the Save a Sigonella Stray group (Check them out, they are literally the most amazing animal rescue group I’ve come across)  all helping to try to keep me calm with regards to getting Baxy’s passport sorted. Dealing with Sicilian Businesses is never going to be easy but I’ve got friends from the group all willing to come and help.

What else is there, oh yeah, I’ve got to sell wet suits if anyone local wants one, watch this space. I have an adults one used only twice thanks to an unnatural ability to fall into the water, an aging body that doesn’t take kindly to extra muscles being used and makes you look like a cartoon seal when on. If you’re tempted, I think that’s just because Dave struggled getting it on the first time)

I’ve chucked away my cake mixer which I realised too late I needed to mix two children’s birthday cakes in 6 days and 13 days. No biggie. I’ve not told them and shall continue to listen to what designs they want all the while knowing that they shall be getting what they get and enjoy the lumps that Mummy left in. (Yes Mother, I do remember the lemon Meringue)

The black bag suppliers will be laughing come the end of July. I’m not sure where I stored all this crap. I really must learn to throw stuff away. Starting with this jumper I’ve kept a hold of because it’s got a little heart thing on. I could never wear it because I didn’t want people to question the ventilation holes under each armpit. (They were just holes). There’s a pyjama top too that I could never wear because my shoulders didn’t like the straps and kept dismissing them. McDonald’s toys –  what the hell? they’re useless, why have we still got them?

Stones – Harry collects stones. I’ve got a garden centres worth of them. Various shapes, sizes. Ones collected on Etna. Ones he saw in a car park and they looked pretty. He even collected ancient china. It was an old wall tile someone had thrown out down the rubbish lane behind the apartment. Because he collected it though I can’t throw it away. I’ve probably got a stash of dead flower heads somewhere.

I’ve been told we’re having a test run of what we can fit in the car soon. I think I might be crying by the end of the experience. In my head the car is massive. In reality it’s a 4 door mini Cooper.

The dog is going to be lying on 3 ft worth of blankets and towels, I can see it. Towels are always useful. I can’t throw them.

I think I’m going to have to throw my lifetime carrier bags out that I’m collecting. Seriously why do I not take them shopping each week instead of buying new ones. I think it’s good value for money until you work out I could have bought a Nissan GtR if only I’d stuck to my first 4 Lifetime carrier bags.

I guess I best leave it there for a couple of days. I’m sure that you’re all rocking now after reading this.

Any questions, feel free to ask me.

Ciao for now peeps.


Save a Sigonella Stray



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