So I thought I’d try and catch you up with everything. You see despite us being back in good old Blighty there’s a chance we can go back and make the move to Sicilia on a more permanent basis.

Can we make the decision, can we heck!

Do you know how hard it is for us Larges to decide on what we want for dinner? No? We can’t do it. So imagine putting a live changing decision to us.

Fetch me the headache pills love, this is gonna hurt…


Annoyingly that all works out so that excuse has betrayed us. Don’t get me wrong we won’t be living like the Kardashians but it’s not bad.


Well that would be sorted out for us so that’s another excuse we don’t have. The houses we could afford are also spectacular and my furniture has been pictured in them too. Right down to my Christmas tree.

Sun, sand, sea, warmth all good things that would benefit my aging, weary carcas that since October has been coughing and leaving snot trails all over Berkshire.

Baxter the bouncy stray has expressed his opinion too, he has a distinct disliking for rain sodden grass and has resorted to trotting round the garden similar to a show horse. You know the ones, they do the fancy trotting dance. He hates it. The grass that is not the trotting dancy horses.

The negatives are thus:


Our big 22 year old sons. Leaving them behind is difficult, especially the one the would be homeless thanks to our move. Although, so I’m told, he has found a flat. I’m not sure what that means, I think he’s just discovered what they look like and where they are and what they do.

There’s also the babies due, I missed my gorgeous nephew being born whilst in Sicily last time and he was all grown up, well 9 months grown up, when we got back. That’s a big chunk of time and cuddles missed out on there. Yes I know there are flights back so I would have to get on one wouldn’t I. But you know what I’m saying.

Other family, I miss them and like being close. I quite like them all really.


See this one is tough too, although one friend told me last week to go. Reason being not for my family but for the fact she’s 60 next year and needs to tick it off her travel list. (love you Mandy)


The raptors are in a brilliant school, do I really want to risk that? According to Benji I don’t. He’s happy and got friends and I should think of that. Harry is Harry although surprisingly he’s not objecting.

Erupting volcanoes and earthquakes,

Did you see the news on boxing day? 10 months we lived in Sicily with a perfect view of Etna, nothing. We leave and she blows her stack. The earth shakes and all hell breaks loose. I’m not sure this is something we’ll ever get in Berkshire. I’m not particularly fond of my roof falling in.

See the dilemma? I can’t remember a time that this didn’t occupy our thoughts.

I do miss the people terribly and we did make some fabulous friends. From Water fights and pool parties (nothing dodgy I promise), to windsurfing lessons watching the Large one stand up for 10 seconds. All happy memories. We’ll forget about the bushfire on our back doorstep!

We’ve got to make a decision, it’s hurting my brain. I know, pizza for dinner. Oh, you thought I meant the move? give me a minute…

Well I best sign off, too much pressure and I need to put the dogs to bed and stuff my face on sweets as I pass through the kitchen.

I shall therefore bid you ciao for now.

Bye Peeps, till next time!

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