I know I should take notes each day as so much of our days are consumed by Sicily in one way or another. It would really assist me in writing these.

It’s all about vehicles at the moment, do we buy a car out there and deplete more of our Louboutin fund? Do we rent until we know what we’re doing which also has a impact on my future shoe purchases, or do we simply take my little Mini moo out and minimise the damage to the aforementioned fund?

All I do know is that this latest hot topic has moved Big David Anthony away from his tax issues.

There are a number of people out there up to the task of getting my little car out to me, one even offered to “Prank port it wit his truck”. I’m thinking that Google translate failed him along the way somewhere. I should really google this though in case I’m missing out of some fabulous new transportation system.

As I write this BDA is currently weighing up our options with a game of Rocket league. He has so much pressure on him that I can’t  blame him. Imagine knowing that whatever decision you make could seriously hinder your wife during the moving process, leaving her bare footed.

Time is going so quick and however calm I feel for the majority of my day, there are a few fleeting moments, when the shreaking She-Demon in me comes out and I realise how dis-organised we are. I mean, we really should have a car arranged in 13 days.

Moving away from transport issues in it’s it’s forms, I have this weekend tried to research our new town somewhat and seriously, it’s gorgeous. I got quite emotional when I found pictures of it, and even better You tube videos. For those interested Search Motta Sain’Anastasia. Especially the pictures of it in the shadow of Mount Etna.

My little Raptors have started to correct me when I say that the move to Italy is getting so close. I’m reminded that we’re not moving to Italy, we’re “Going to Sicily Mummy, not Italy”. Harry is impressed that we’re moving to a hotel. Apartments get him all confused. As does the word Cucumber. Benji is concerned that his blanket will not be coming with us.

Dave and I have created a Facebook page specifically for Epats living in Sicily. You know that we’ve done extensive research on Sicily. I’ve tried to integrate myself in all things local to me making our move smooth. But the Brits are hidden. I can’t believe all of them are tucked safely away in Benidorm. Anyway, we thought what a good idea to put something together. So far it appears that there are 5 British expats living in Sicily. Well 3 considering 2 members of the group (Dave and I) aren’t even there yet.

So there you have my ramblings for today. 13 Days to go. One full weekend left. That also means I’ve got very few days left to catch up on Game of Thrones. I’m currently back in season 4.

Have a fabulous Sunday.